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1994 Ford Ranger 3.0 V6

I recently replaced the ICM (2 months ago) after replacing a bunch of other ignition parts to get my ranger going, it ended up being the ignition module. Now I have the same problem as I did before (crank no start). I figured the ICM over heated so I got a new one since i have a lifetime warranty and replaced that right away but didn’t help this time i put the dielectric grease on it which you are supposed to do. No just have to get it up and running again. Would burning up the ICM cause the ignition coil to go bad, I’m thinking I may have to replace that again? Any suggestions?

A bad distributor pick-up coil can cause a no-start condition.


That was one of the parts I replaced 2 months ago, also replaced the ignition switch, ignition coil, rotor, I will have to check to make sure the rotor is still spinning to make sure the gear is not sheared, and check my fuses. But it was running fine before I shut it off went to start it about 30 min later and would just sit and crank, that’s why I think the ICM got to hot and then possibly shorted out the ignition coil as well. I am going to test the ignition coil for a spark today after work.

ended up being the ICM however had to unplug the EEC Relay and plug it back in to reset the computer, started up like a charm after that. bigbuck over and out