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1994 ford mustang driverside window inop

i have a ford mustang 1994 with electric windows and the driverside window is inop. I have checked fuses and circuitbreakers,I have power going to the motor and I have swapped the switches from side to side and both are working. I replaced the motor still inop.I have done continuity checks on the wiring but everything checks out fine.

Failures of the window regulator are not uncommon, but I assume that you would have noticed this when replacing the motor.

Do you hear the motor run when you operate the switch?? If so, it’s the plastic gear-box connected to the motor. They sell rebuild kits for the “regulator”. You must drill out the 3 or 4 pop rivets to remove it.

no the motor doesn’t run at all

Do this:

Have the motor disconnected from the window mechanism, but connected to the power circuit. Try the motor totally unloaded. It should move in both directions if everything is OK. The motor is grounded through the connector, not the body, so it doesn’t need to be in contact with the chassis.

With the motor removed, the window should be able to be raised and lowered by hand. Try this to check for any binding in the window mechanism.