1994 Ford F150 won't start

We have a 1994 Ford F150 and it won’t start. It tries to start but it just doesn’t. How do you know if it is the fuel pump?

The plugs may be full of soot which can happen in the Winter.

Why do you think it might be the fuel pump? Normally that would not be the first thing on the list.

Normally you would start by checking for spark. Buy one new spark plug. Carry the plug with you and the next time it does not start, get out and pull one plug wire off (pull on the socket part not the wire) put the new plug on that wire and hold the threads of the plug tight against the engine block while you have someone try to start the car. You should see a bright blue spark, and if you are not holding the plug with an insulated tool, you will also see stars! This can rule out a spark problem.

Next is fuel and for that a standard is to have someone spray a little starter fluid into the air intake and see if it catches. You don’t want to run it on the stuff, just see if it fires. If so there is a good change of it being fuel related.

If fuel related, most would listen to see if they can hear the pump running and or replace the fuel filter (how old is yours) or do a pressure/volume test.

Have you tried to give a little pressure on the accelerator pedal?

They replaced the fuel filter and it still will not start. It seem like it is not getting fuel from somewhere. When he replaced the filter he said gas should have steamed up and it trickled down so that was a sign of a fuel pump. What do you think?

Pull the fuel pump fuse and measure the current there. 3-4A normal, under 2.5A there is a fuel problem. Remember it only turns on for 10 seconds till engine starts.