Ford F-150 won't start

I have a 1994 Ford F-150 4X4 that won’t start after it sits a couple days. We had this trouble once before and my husband thought it was out of gas went to gas station and put gas in it and it started. Do you have any ideas? Someone told him it might be the coil. What do you think?

What happens when you try to start the truck? Does it crank (turn over) at what sounds like normal speed? When trying to start it, do you smell gasoline, especially from the exhaust pipe?
Two different things might be happening: there is not enough fuel into the engine; or, there is too much fuel in the engine.
For the first instance, turn the ignition key to RUN for three seconds, three times, then, turn the ignition key to START.
For the second (flooding), press the gas pedal to the floor, crank (START) the engine. As the engine starts (hopefully) ease up on the gas.

The truck does crank and there is a gas smell.

let us know info. how long have owned the truck. carb or fuel injection. engine type. did you try and replace any parts. were do you live
weather causes problems.

If you smell gas, try a flood clearing. Push the gas pedal to the floor and hold it there while cranking. If the engine starts to catch, keep cranking until it is running well and then release the pedal. Don’t crank longer than 10 seconds at a time and let the starter cool 5 minutes between attempts. If you cannot get the engine to fire after 3 attempts with the gas pedal on the floor, you most likely have another problem.