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1997 F04d F150 Fuel Pump Problem

I have a 1997 Ford F150 with 34K actual miles. Without any prior indication, on warm days after being driven, the truck will not start. My mechanic had the vehicle for a week and was not able to duplicate the problem. His SWAG was I needed to replace the fuel pump. Before I go to the cost of replacement, are there other problems, tests, etc., I should consider?

Did he determine the fuel pressure was too low? What’s the basis of his diagnosis?

Really! Until you can simulate the failure and get a proper diagnosis you cannot confirm the cause. Try stopping at the dealer every time you are out, and if it is a no start in their parking lot have them analyze it. It is a really good guess, but only a guess.

You would replace the fuel pump if the fuel pressure were too low, or erratic. Is it? Until the fuel pressure, fuel injection, spark, etc. are checked, guesses are just a crap shoot. Do you want to play craps with expensive parts?
When the engine doesn’t start, do a flooded-engine-start: hold the gas pedal to the floor all the while the engine is cranking (up to 15 seconds at a time). If / when the engine starts, ease up on the gas.