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1994 chevy Lumina rear braks

How to adjust the rear brakes in 1994 Chevy Lumina? After replacing the rear pads and the front rotors and pads, the brakes on the car do not work well. One can press the pedal very hard and it feels like it all the way in the bottom and cannot be pressed any deeper.

The brakes do not lock the wheels. Do I need to adjust the parking brake to eliminate any gaps and get the brake fluid to the front circuit/system? It feels like the fluid is going to the wrong place.


To adjust the rear disk brakes on your car, operate the parking brake several times.


Recheck ALL the air is bled out of the system.

Use an assistant when doing this. Above all, make certain the reservoir always has fluid or air will enter again.

Bleed the brakes using the following sequence:
right rear
left front
left rear
right front