Brake Adjusting Process

I adjust the brakes on my 91 Toyota Corolla by using the parking brake lever. Would this same procedure apply to an 05 Camry? I don’t have access to the manual and hoped someone here on the board would know.

Well, it depends on if you are adjusting the parking brake or drums. Parking brake is adjusted at the lever. If you have rear disk there is no other adjustment. If you have rear drums then there is an adjustment for the drums. There is an adjustment wheel that you can access from a hole in the backing plate of each rear brake or by removing the drum. You adjust till the shoes are just barely touching the drum. is a good source for repair and adjustment info.

For rear disc brakes, operate the parking brake several times. For rear drum brakes, pump the brake pedal while backing up.


Parking brake is adjusted at the lever…this is true but if the rear drums, if equipped, are adjusted properly then the park brake in turn will be adjusted and the adjustment at the park brake lever would not normally be needed.