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Handbrake adjustment problem

Hi, I bought a Toyota Tercel and the handbrake cables were seized so I changed them both, but they’re still not locking the wheels… I’ve tried to adjust them with the nut beside the lever but it didn’t help. Can someone help me?

PS: I changed the brakes on both rear wheels.

Sounds like the rear brake adjusters are not set properly. Did you adjust the piece between the brake shoes with the star wheel on it? That is how the rear brakes are supposed to be be adjusted.

I agree with SteveC76 but I also would have you check to make sure the front cable is not seized as well. It sounds like you need to adjust the star wheel on the rear brakes. Look for an oblong rubber plug on the back of the brake drum. Pop out the plug and use a screw driver to rotate the star wheel until the drum just barely drags on the brake shoes. Do this on both sides and you will find that your parking brake works just like it did when the car was new.