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1994 chevy c1500 2wd

What is all to it as in Deleting Throttle Body System and going with Carburetor set up ? Can I use the same Fuel pump in my truck now and use the fuel pressure regulator for the Carburetor ?

No. The pressure will be too high. Carburetors operate at a much lower pressure.

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You need a return-style regulator you can set to about 4 psi. The regulator you have now should be IN the throttle body so when it goes, so does the regulator. Use the return line as a return line for your new regulator. The fuel pump in the tank can supply plenty of fuel since it will be running at a lower pressure.

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why do want to take a step backwards . . . ?!

Do you live in an area with emissions testing . . . ?!

If you answered yes to the latter, it’ll never fly, unless you find somebody blind and/or crooked

As far as using the distributor on my truck , What kind of Distributor and Wires do I need to tap into ?

I have retrofit old fuel/ignition systems to many vehicles to suit the customer but more often than not repairing the original system was much cheaper and more reliable. I always diagnosed vehicles and gave ball park estimates on the alternatives and never found it more beneficial ($$$$) on a fuel injected Chevrolet truck.

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Tap into it for what? How did we go from the fuel system to the ignition system?

If the fuel injection system is disabled the ignition will operate at base time and the truck will not be driveable.