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1994 accord no fire no start

I drove my 1994 accord to the store the last time it drove one night a few months ago an the next morning tried to go to work an it wouldnt start. It wasnt getting fire so i changed the coil pack still nothing so i changed the distributor still nothing so i changed the ecu an still no spark. I think i may not be getting power to the ecu because the check engine light doesnt even pop on when i first turn the key.

Check CKP Crankshaft Position Sensor. It is under the timing belt cover, if it’s like my 1999 Civic. If you can find the wire coming from it, you may be able to test it without having to remove the cover.

Rockauto doesn’t list a crank sensor for your engine.,1994,accord,2.2l+l4,1167263,ignition

Remove the distributor cap, and crank the engine over to see if the rotor in the distributor rotates.

If not, the timing belt broke.


The crank sensor is built in the distributor according to the honda manuals that is why i changed the distributor. The timing belt isnt broken i ive had it tested all the fuses are good its getting 12 to the coil pack an not past it. I was then told by a local mechanic it was the ecu an i dont think the ecu is getting power

Sounds like it’s time to get a wiring diagram for primary and secondary ignition.

That sounds right for a car with a distributor. My 1999 Civic - and maybe your 1994 Accord - has a sensor under the timing belt cover. I incorrectly called it CKP Crankshaft Position Sensor. It may be more correctly called CKF - Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor. You’d have to look at your wiring diagram to see if it can keep the spark plugs from firing.

Was there a check engine light before this happened? If so, try to read the stored code. You usually jumper a few pins in the fuse panel or similar and a code will flash on the dash light. If the check engine light flashes twice, then there is a pause, then flashes again 3 times, that would be a code 23.

You may have multiple stored codes as well. If you keep getting the same code flashed, you only have one code. If there are more than one, it will flash through all of them and then repeat.

Code 12 means there are no stored codes. That means “all is well” according to the ECU. you replaced the ECU though and the old one has been without power from the battery if you even saved it so the stored code would be lost.

This is an OBD I car. OBD cars require a code reader and the codes are different. You will get codes like P0420 with those. You will have a more simple two digit number.

I replaced the ecu an havent tried a code reader on it it didnt throw any codes before or check engine light it literally just quit working over night sittinf in the driveway

Checkout and see if this works for you.