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93 honda accord

my 93 honda accord cranks but wont start it has fuel and fire from the coil but not to the plugs, had new distbuter 1 year ago could my computer be bad

It very likely is the ignitor, a module inside the distributor.

You could buy a new distributor but often you can just replace the module to get up and running again.
First diagnose it to make sure. Here’s how:

Edit: when you say “Fire from the coil” do you mean that you get a high voltage on the high tension line? Or do you mean that it has 12V on the primary? If you have high voltage, it likely is not the ignitor.
If you’re not getting high voltage on the other sides coming off the cap, the problem is likely in the distributor somewhere (like rotor and cap). The computer has very little to do with whether high voltage gets generated, other than that it pulses that ignitor module. One side of the ignitor goes to primary side of the coil. If you see high voltage on the secondary of the coil but not to the spark plug wires, I’d suspect the cap and rotor first.

new distributor new cap and rotor 1year ago but its funny i just had transmission problems so i un hooked my computers under the right kicker and pluged them back up and drove fine all day then next day no start

ok i will try new cap and rotor but then what

Then come back here and tell us if it worked. . .

Also recheck your connection on the computer.

its white dust in it

could it be crank possion sensor and where is it

Crank position sensor is the ignitor on that car, I think. It is what used to be referred to as the points, except this thing is a hall sensor with some transistors in it.

You are getting high voltage on the secondary of the coil, then?
That coil needs to be loaded - it needs to have spark plugs running off of it. An unloaded coil is often the cause for the ignitor to be taken out so don’t try starting it too long, if you don’t have high voltage on the spark plug wires.

I’d inspect the cap and rotor for cracks or damage. Are the Honda? That white dust could be something grinding away.
With Hondas it is usually best to use original OEM when it comes to ignition parts.

White dust on what? The computer connector or something in the dizzy?

we pulled a plug wire and its got oil all over it why