1993 Toyota Corolla paint peels

paint is pealing on the hood and bumpers. runs great, but look terrible.

Bumper is plastic. Hood is steel. They flake/peel/ rust in different ways.

A 93 Corolla? I am surprised that you have any clear coat left on your car. Solution: spend $$$$ for a repaint or ignore.

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On a 30 year old car, you may have to do a repaint. I had a 01 VW Jetta with low miles, but it was a black car from Florida and was “sun-baked” when I got it 5 years ago. It was mechanically great but the paint had lost its luster on the roof and trunk. The roof lining was sagging and the rear deck behind the back seat had faded. I replaced the head liner and rear deck and then got lucky – the roof and rear trunk polish was polished back to a decent shine. I used a light rubbing compound and then instead of a wax I used a ceramic coating for the shine. Try the polish, but be prepared for a paint job. The ceramic coating I used was Liquid Glass.