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1993 toyota camry

Ok, I have read the blogs and just about every discussion on line about these sunroof drainage tubes. I have located the holes in the sunroof area. I had the driver’s side carpet pulled back and dried the floor. When I poured water in the hole, a very small, slow stream began to come out on the left side of the floorboard…I have pushed weed eater string down into the holes on both sides of the sunroof and eventually they stop and it feels like they are hitting something mushy or soft. The end of the string is dark brown like dirt. I have followed numerous online guides as to where the tubes exit at the bottom of the car, but not luck. I even jacked up the car on one side to have a better look. I removed the plastic wheel well cover since most advice states the tube exits between the mud flap and wheel well or behind the tire. Of course this car is 20 yrs old and there is a lot of dried, caked on debris under the car, so maybe the exit holes are not visible. It sure would help to have a photo of the location. I spent 2 hrs tonight knocking off debris that might be blocking the area, even used a mirror so i could look thoroughly. The caked on debris was not too bad, but still did not find exit holes. Any suggestions? My 16 yr old nephew is driving this car now and the floor boards are soaked…

Thanks for any advice…


Find someone with a compressor with a needle ball inflater. They’ll stick that needle down the drain tube and blow all that gunk out.


I have that , but have hesitated to do that , because some comments say you can blow the tube itself out of place creating what might be another issue. What I am hoping to do first is locate the exits( that i cant find) and see if I can do anything from that end. If anyone can help me find these durn exits, I would be so grateful.

thank you for your suggestion.