Passenger floor floods with water. PLease Help

2003 toyota camry

When it rains my car floods with at least an inch of water on the passenger side floor.

I’ve taken it to a gas station mechanic where they cleaned out the area under the windshield wipers, under the plastic. They said they cleaned out a ton of leaves and stuff. This did not help

I’ve actually taken it to a couple of places before and they did not know what was up.

So I looked online and they said to shove a coat hanger in the little holes under the door. I did this and no help.

I dont want to reseal my windshield becuase i dont think this is the problem. Any thoughts?

Inspect the door belt moulding to make sure it is not torn.

If you have a sunroof make sure the drains are clear.

Sometimes the plastic cover for the cabin filter gets moved or torn and water will get in.

When they cleaned out all the leaves and stuff, did they clean the drain tube, too?

i know nothing

where are the drains for the sun roof?
how would i clear them?

A drain tube runs from the front edge down the front pillar onto the ground. Gently blow compressed air into the tube.

yea, i opened the sun roof and noticed a pool of water collected on the driver side (becuase my car was tilted to the left). THere has been water collecting inside where that pool was on the outside. the fabric is always wet.

Do you think i need to reseal the sunroof or will compressed air be enough?

also, how do i know if the compressed air works?

im on my way to go buy some air

You can also gently shove a length of weed trimmer line down the tube to clear the blockage. After you think you have it cleared, pour a little water down the tube.

i just used the air and water.

passenger side: i blew air and poured water. water went down the hole and came out just behind the front tire. success, i hope.

driver side. i blew air and poured water. the water went no where. just sitting there. i think this is my problem.

weed trimmer line huh? will it be long enough to clear the blockage?

i tried a wire hanger but it would not fit up top. it went in from the bottom but i have no idea where it goes. this did not help the puddle on top

you can buy a roll of trimmer line, it will plenty long.

line was purchased and drains near the front corners were “unclogged”

any other drains i should tend to?