1993 Subaru Legacy - Won't start

Car turns over but won’t start.Subaru legacy 1993

With that detailed description… You need a mechanic, and a tow truck to take it to that mechanic


And, a mechanic who is used to working on cars that are almost 30 years old would be advisable.

(Translation: Younger mechanics might not have worked on vehicles that are this old, and which could have had lax maintenance over those decades.)

Do you mean it cranks ok – that rr rrr rrr sound w/key in start – but won’t catch and run? If so, most likely causes are

  • no spark
  • no fuel
  • blocked intake airflow, or blocked exhaust

First step: Ask your mechanic to figure out which of those three it is. Are you sure there is plenty of gas in the gas tank?

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How much DIY do you want? You could try the “key dance”(Run, Off, Run, Off a few times) to make sure there’s fuel and fuel pressure at the engine before you turn the key all the way to Start.

You could also spray some starting fluid into the engine’s air intake and see if it fires up just a little when you try to start it. That’s a sign the engine is not getting fuel.