1993 Ranger won't Start

What should I have the mechanic look for on my '93 Ford Ranger that will crank but won’t fire. It fires but immediately dies and then will only crank. I’ve taken it to two mechanics who checked fuel pressure, spark plugs, etc. but couldn’t find problem. They left it in bay overnight and it started next day both times. It ran for a couple weeks but now won’t start again. What should they check?

Id have them check the name on the grill…Opps nah little humor there. Add the engine, miles ect will help…

How about more information:

Automatic or manual transmission

How many miles on your 1993

Have you looking in your owner’s manual (should be in the glove box) and made sure all the recommended maintenance is up to date.

Getting all that maintenance up to date will help in the long run and might even help now.

i will echo the rest but to add engine size please.

I don’t really want to tell tou this, but you should consider getting away from that thing. If you can afford a newer vehicle, try to get one. You are going to just throw money away on that truck.

The first thing I would get rid of is the ignition coil without even checking it. Don’t buy it at NAPA. I had some bad luck with theirs. Make sure you have the right rotor in the distributor if you have a distributor. Try starting it while pushing the gas pedal down one inch.