Please help i need to know about driving my car

now that my car has transmission fluid in it and it acted fine on the test drive after it was added, is it safe to drive it? or did it not having transmission fluid in it totally ruin it?

You would get more help if you provided some actual information up front instead of making someone drag it out of you.

What kind of car is it? How was it acting before the transmission fluid was added? What color was the fluid? How long was it driven in this condition? How much fluid did it need? Has a mechanic checked it or said anything about it?

87 Tempo? It’s good.

1993 plymouth acclaim???

'89 Roto Rooter?

How much transmission fluid was missing to begin with?

Just drive it and keep checking the level. If it was low its going to leak out again either sooner or later.

I hope it stays “fine”. Unlike an engine, you must not let an automatic transmission get even a half quart low. THAT is low enough for it to slip and develop worse damage. Check it often (usually with the engine running), and fix the leak.

it was slipping and it was the 93 acclaim i accidentally sent it before i typed the info . its acting fine though i have been drivin it and i will take it to have the leak fixed. do you think that will be expesive?


I’m kidding, of course. More details about the car/mileage/symptoms would help the fine folks here to better address your current dilemna.

its a 1993 plymouth acclaim. it has about 130,000 miles on it.

oh and before it was slipping when i was driving and i looked at the transmission fluid it was out. so i filled it up and have been driving without any problems. transmission acts kinda better now.