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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse - What did I do wrong?

i put new sparkplugs in my 2001 ecipse gt and now it wont start

Too bad. Did you have a question?

If you want help, you are going to need to describe the problem and the car in greater detail. Engine, mileage, was it running OK before the plug change? Did you just change the plugs? why did you change the plugs? Are you sure you got the right plugs from the parts store? Did you disconnect anything other than the plug wires when you changed them?

With near no info provided all I can guess is that the plug wires are seriously crossed up.


Obviously he didn’t calibrate the flux capacitor after changing the spark plugs…

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I presume you mean it cranks ok, but doesn’t catch and run. Use a spare plug to check for spark during cranking on a couple of cylinders. If you got spark ok, maybe you have the wires connected to the plugs in the wrong order. From what I see, for the GS 2.4 L SOHC the firing order seems to be 1-3-4-2 . Does that match up w/the way you have the plugs connected to the distributor?

If you have no spark on any of the wires, first check is whether you have input voltage to the ignition module. If that’s the problem you may have blown a fuse., so check them.