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1993 Ford Ranger Transmission Issues

I have a 1993 ford ranger sport with manual transmission. It is a very old truck with 300k kms on it but I would like to keep it on the road if possible. Recently the truck has been acting up it feels as if the brake is engaged when trying to move forward after a dead start. I need to Rev very high before the truck lurches forwards and wobbles once up to speed it seems fine. Also this isn’t an issue in reverse. Not sure if it has anything to do with this but it started happening right after temperatures dropped below freezing and we got some snow. Checked transmission fluid it is full but looking brown/dark. Thinking this is a transmission issue hoping it’s something easier like brake lockING or a bearing or something. Any help would be great thanks

Put the truck in neutral and push it…easy or not?

Could it be a simple as the parking brake freezing ? Don’t set the parking brake at night and see if the vehicle moves in the morning , remember to park in gear.

Don’t think it’s the parking brake as I always park in gear and rarely use it. Going to rotate my tires tm will try rolling it in neutral. Also going to check out the brakes I should have more info then!

Ifg you are going to rotate your tires, try spinning each wheel.


So a couple of updates went to move the truck today to get it up on stands and couldn’t get it to budge. Popped it in neutral it rolls fine backwards but won’t roll forwards. Noticed it is only th rear passenger wheel thats seized as the drivers side rear wheel rotates freely. Any ideas ? Thanks

My thought is damaged brakes on that wheel.

Hanging parking brake cable?

Thinking it is definitely a brake issue with that wheel however I don’t understand why the tire would roll backwards dine if the brakes are locked??

That is the typical reaction when the parking brake cable is stuck or out of adjustment. When moving forward the brake shoes shift away from the brake cable mounting point on the backing plate tightening the parking brake. When moving backwards the brake shoes shift toward the cable mounting point loosening the parking brake.

Self servo drum brakes do have a significant forward bias on application of the parking brake. It would seem worthwhile to remove the drums and inspect the return springs, cables, etc and the proper placement of the primary and secondary shoes.

Figured it out it was indeed a frozen parking brake warmed it up loosened the cable and tapped the drum with a mallet. Tire rolls freely now thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it figured out OP. Good for you. The parking brake cable on my own Ford truck rusted up a couple of years ago too. In that case it was the part of the cable inside the passenger compartment, not at the wheels. Liberal application of wd-40 followed later by cleaning away the rust & light machine oil fixed it up straight away.