Frozen rear right tire

with extreme cold weather we seem to have caused a problem with our rear right tire. its a rear wheel drive ranger truck. truck will back up, but when put into drive the left rear wheel will go forward but right wont move…dont know if its froze problem or something more serious

Age and mileage of truck?

The parking brake, or its cable, is probably frozen, and not releasing.

If you don’t use the parking brake it could be moisture freezing in a brake line or a pinched brake hose not allowing the brake shoes to release.

2000 ford ranger 79,000 miles

should problem cure itself once it warms up…we have had 2 nites of 20 below zero temps

I just went through this whole ordeal a couple of weeks ago.

It’s probably a frozen brake. If the rear left tire is spinning, you have to provide more grip to that tire by pouring sand or OilDri for it run on. Doing this will send the torque to the other wheel through the open differential and hopefully break the frozen brake loose.

If that don’t work, and you’re outside, then a torpedo heater sure comes in handy at this time.


thanks for your help…all our streets are a frozen mess, and maybe this will help…thought i cured one problem yesterday when i had to rep,ace a 11 month old battery that was completely frozen…spring cant come to soon

If it’s just a frozen parking brake, yes, it will solve itself when the temperature goes above freezing.

If there’s moisture in the brake lines the fluid needs to be replaced.

I’m betting on the parking brake, and, as Tester said, if you can, somehow, apply heat, or get the truck into a heated garage, you may be able to thaw the frozen brake.

The battery froze? Wow! That’s cold.

never in my life ever heard of a battery freezing…had least 2 inches of ice all around it and ice inside it…makes you wonder how folks min alaska handle those problems…could understand if battery was a few years old, but this one was less than a year old

Ice all around the battery? How did that happen?

You’re right, spring can’t come too soon.

A discharged (dead) battery will easily freeze,I have seen it many times in my young life (54yrs)

Not only freeze but freeze and crack.