Ford Ranger 4x4 and spinning rear wheel

The 4 wheel drive on my Ford Ranger goes out all the time. Today it stopped working in 14" of new snow, and when I was stuck in my driveway in PARK, my rear right wheel was still spinning? What might this mean?

The transmission shift linkage is in very sad shape or the transmission itself is in very sad shape…

“While you are waiting for the service adviser, do you think you will be financing this repair?”

The reason this happened is because you were in SNOW… and the tranny didn’t get in the “locked up” position…the linkage may be a little sloppy, but if you waited and put the brake on to stop the wheel it would have then “fallen in” to park…its all about shift lock pawls and the like…it wouldn’t have happened on dry pavement it was caused by the very slippy conditions…sorta kinda. That’s my “Scientifical Explanation”…Obviously I am poking fun with words, but I’m actually serious as to the cause… Transman can elaborate. Basically your tranny either didn’t get fully into Park or because of the wheel slipping the lock pawl couldn’t engage…maybe a bit of both…Like I said…If you applied the brake to STOP the wheel…it would have probably found Park just fine… Does the truck do this any other time/day? on normal roads?


Is this manual or electric ?