1993 ford f250

Hi would like to know if anyone make’s plugs for the high pressure fuel systems that ford makes,any info would be helpful,Thank you

Every auto parts store in the country has them. All fuel injected vehicles are “high pressure”. Ford is no different.

Are you talking about spark plugs? What are you trying to do?

What engine do you have? As teejay2 said, you can get either spark plugs or glow plugs at almost any auto parts store. Check on line at your favorite local parts store to see what their selection is. Some stores even show stock level at a store in your neighborhood.

Hi just looking for away to plug the two fuel lines that go in the front tank,I removed it ,it has hole in it and the fuel from the rear tank was going to front tank, so for now i just trying to use rear tank,I was hoping i don’t have to cut the lines to plug them,or do i even have to plug them?Thank’s

If you can’t find anything at an auto parts store, check a home improvement store. They have pipe caps that simply slip over a pipe (usually copper tubing, but will also work with steel line of the same size) and lock in place with a quick connect collar. They make them in many different sizes, so there is probably some that will work for this application.

Is it a soft line or hard line? If it is a soft line, you can just clamp the line to close it. If it is a hard line, you can crimp it to close it. But you will have to replace the crimped line when you fix the front tank. If everything is welded, that’s not a big deal. If the lines are screw-on fittings, look for a cap that fits on the rear tank and tie off the line to the front tank on the frame temporarily until you fix or replace the front tank.