1993 Ford Escort Clutch Issue

I have my suspicion about what is the culprit, and well, the likelihood of it continuing to work.

Occasionally when I am at a stop and try to shift into gear with the clutch depressed to the floor, it does not want to go into gear. So far, I have been able to wiggle the shifter around, try a few different gears then go back to first and it works. Also at a stoplight today, with the clutch depressed to the floor for a few minutes with the car in 1st, after about 3-5 minutes the car started to slowly creep forward.

What are your suspects on this one?

First, check the level in the clutch fluid reservoir. Then consider the possibility that you might have a leak in the clutch fluid system.

This would not be unusual for a 1993 vehicle.

We now have this one going twice: http://community.cartalk.com/discussion/2281030/1993-ford-escort-clutch-issue#Item_4

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