95 Ford Escort won't start


My 1995 Ford Escort LX has just under 80,000 miles on it. It is a stick shift, 2 wheel drive. I had a new clutch put in approx March 07. Last night, I was driving in town (30 mph), and I came to a stop sign. When I put the clutch in, I felt the resistance slip about halfway, and then I could not put the car into gear. After about 30 seconds of putting the clutch in and releasing it and trying to get it into gear, it finally did go, and I continued driving. I got to my destination, went in for 5 minutes, and came back out. At that time, the car would not start. The interior lights and radio came on, but there was no click or anything turning over. We attempted to jump start, but nothing. Help please!


This sounds like two things to me. First the clutch, you may need to rebuild one or both cylinders.

The second means you need to check batter, maybe charging and maybe starting circuits.

A good place to start would be the battery cables. Make sure both ends are clean and tight on all the battery cables. I wonder if you will find brake fluid from the clutch on them? :slight_smile:


For the no start, no click problem check the clutch interlock switch to make sure that it is completing the circuit to the starter.