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1993 Ford E-150 Club Wagon: What is this electrical device?

I have a 1993 Ford Club Wagon Chateau (e-150). On the passenger-side frame rail, about halfway between the wheels, I see this little, black box mounted there and with an electrical conduit connected to it. It’s about an inch and a half on a side. The alphanumeric labeling is “F2UB-14A685-AD 3362BPWAX.”

What is it?

Google it.
It appears to be one of the crash sensors to trigger air bag deployment.
The arrow would indicate it is an accelerometer and direction of install matters. Let me google that for you

NEW - Out Of Box F4UB-14A686-AB Front Left Air Bag Crash Sensor 92-94 Ford E150
NEW - Out Of Box F4UB-14A686-AB Front L…