66 tbird

i got power to the lights now. but still wont crank or anything. but now ive got it to make a click when i turn the key to the crank position. the click is coming from the back seat sounds like. im wondering it the silonoid switch is bad, or the starter might be hooked up wrong, thanks for the help.

Unless you take a crash course in automotive electrical troubleshooting, you should turn the troubleshooting over to someone more experienced in this stuff.
Uh, do you have any wiring diagrams, or a voltmeter, or, at least, a test light?

it was easy i fix the problem traced the wires a wire on the alternator and junction boy were wrong, and the silonoid switch was bad replaced and it and it cranked now i’ve got the car started. never did this kind of work before, you never now how hard something is until u try it, most people never try it becouse they assume they cant do it. i learned alot and did the job my self and it was fun took a couple of days though.

Good for you! I’m glad you got it fixed, AND , that you let us know.