1993 Chevrolet Astro - Rear brake has an issue

Right rear brake hydraulic tubing needs replacement

Not unexpected for a 30 year old vehicle. Especially if you live in an area that salts the roads in the winter. Most simple solution is for shop to replace it with new steel tubing. There’s another type of brake tubing available, copper-nickel alloy, something you might consider, said to last longer. Brake tubing of either type must be installed correctly, using a double flare technique. Make sure shop does the job correctly.

If you don’t know enough about replacing brake lines to do it yourself.

How do you check to see if they did it correctly ?

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Ah, appears to be the same problem that Professor Godel ran up against … lol …

I wonder how to get that umlaut symbol above the “o”? Nothing is simple these days.

If it is rusted out and leaking then the rest of them are probably not far behind… May be best to replace them all… Might even have to replace the wheel cylinders if the bleeder screw are seized and or calipers and hoses, all depends on the extent of the rust…

Some vendors sell complete lines as kits and some have to be hand bent, labor will be much higher if hand forming the lines…