How Hosed am I?

'71 GMC PU has had a slight brake fluid leak someplace for years. I just top it off and roll on. Somehow I wound up with, PSF. in the brake system. Not good, I know. The Einstein that I suspect is responsible was kind enough to explain it all to me. Granny gear and tossing the anvil out the window to stop is getting old and wrecking the driveway.

?? Can I change the master cyl out, fill it full of fluid and run it into town for the shop to do the seals, & purging and such, or will I screw up the new MS that quick? Thanks -Jack

I thought about this a bit before I decided to reply. I think it would be wisest given the age of this vehicle (Which is old enough to qualify for antique license plates) to find a local reputable mechanic and have the entire braking system overhauled for your safety and the safety of others. I’m certain that there are components and brake lines which are bordering on failure at this point if this has not been done already. A new master cylinder and a brake bleed are not enough-go over the whole thing.

If you can change out the master cylinder, why can’t you do the whole job right there? The equipment required for a proper master cylinder job can do the entire job. I suggest purging the brake fluid before replacing the master cylinder to prevent contamination of a new part. And, if a shop is doing the rest of the work, why not get it towed, and let them do it all at once?

Considering the age of the truck and the fluid incident I tend to agree with just repairing the entire brake system yourself. If you can do the master cylinder you should be able to replace everything else and your brakes would be known good for years to come.

Looking at a few brake parts on the AutoZone site shows that you can probably do brakes front and rear along with the master cylinder for about 250 in parts. The brakes are pretty simple on these vehicles other than remembering the spring/lever layout on the rear drums.

That’s easily fixed by only repairing one side at a time and using the other for reference. A cheap spring removal and install tool is also worth it’s weight in gold. Beats the beejeezus out of Vise Grips and a spring in the eye. :slight_smile: