Car starts and stops

My dad’s '93 Buick Skylark with 73,000 miles is acting funny. He can start the car just fine, but when he puts it into gear it shuts off. At times it will drive for a while, but when he comes to a stop the engine will jump and the car shuts off. He then starts the car, but it won’t stay running when it is put in gear. It will run in park or neutral. Any ideas?

Sounds like a sticky torque converter. Has he ever had the tranny serviced (fluid and filter change)? Does it die immediately when put in D, or does it kind of sputter out? If it dies immediately it is likely the converter all gunked up with 16 year old fluid.

Thanks, I was just looking through old articles and found one about the torque converter. Just was on the phone with Dad when this came through. Hope this is the problem.