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1993 acura wont start after running for 10 minutes

1993 acura integra rs won’t start after running for 10 minutes. I changed the rotor, distributer cap, plug wires and main relay…what else could it be?

You have to check basics first. When it dosen’t start, you have to find out if you are losing spark or fuel. Based only on common failures, the ignition pickup is integral to the distributer and is likely. Unfortunately I have only seen it available as an entire distributer so I would verify it before buying one. Fuel pumps are uncommon failures for Acuras, but not to be ruled out before testing.

it seems as though it is getting gas since it sound different when I press the gas pedal. distributer is about 45K miles on it, car only has 93K miles. It starts fine when cold, turns over when hot, just won’t fire up???