1993 Acura Legend popping suspension

My '93 Acura Legend sedan is running like a top at almost 200,000 miles. But for the last 20,000 miles or so I’ve been hearing ominous-sounding mechanical popping noises coming from the rear suspension. These noises get a bit louder after 15 minutes or so of driving, then they seem to level off. I’ve heard of ball joints breaking and causing big trouble, so I’m worried. Should I be? My mechanic, who specializes in Honda and Acura cars, says the rear suspension is okay.

I’m guessing you’ve got a strut or sway-link problem. Broken strut springs are sometimes very difficult to diagnose. Often they are only noticed when the strut is removed and the strut bench-inspected. But before going down the suspension route, remove everything in the trunk and take a test drive. Look for something like a golf ball that ight be rolling around in a difficult to access recess of the trunk area, like in wells near where the rear struts meet up with the body. Remove the spare tire and jack too for the test drive. Also look at the spring that helps you lift the trunk lid too for anything weird.

Thanks, George. I’ve checked the trunk and found nothing loose. I’ll take your good comments to my mechanic, who knows the car well, and see what he makes of them.

Best of luck OP.