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What's wrong with my 1995 acura legend

Good Day ladies and gents.

My question concerns my 1995 acura legend l.

It has 137,000 miles and I have had the my timing belt replaced twice. The struts were just recently replaced as well as the tie rods for both sides. My problem is with ,if you were to ask the two shops that I have it at, my tires not being properly balanced but once this was done the problem did not go away. In fact the first time I had the tie rods replace was because the third mechanic which was actually the first stated that it was the reason for the wobbly feeling that I was experiencing. The ball joints were inspected and they did not seem to be causing the problem. Whenever I accelarate at over 60mph or so and going at in incline I seem to notice it more but it also happens at slower speed though it is harder to notice. It is also an intermitten problem that goes and comes no matter if the car has been sitting for a long time or not. I listened to your most recent show and you had mentioned the damper and ball joints to a caller with whom it seems had a similar problem. Last but not least I seem to detect a unfamiliar feeling when I press on the gas as if it is also has something to do with the peddle but the wobbly feeling seems to take over the entire undercarriage.

Please help!

How old are the tires, and how many miles on them?

The shop says that they are in very good condition. Not sure about the amount of miles but I guess maybe 10,000

Has anyone inspected/aligned the rear suspension?

I not certain the rear suspension was ever inspected or aligned. When the tie rods were replaced a front and rear wheel alignment was performed. Is that different from a rear suspension alignment?

If they aligned all four wheels I have to assume they inspected the rear suspension. It’s hard to get a good alignment if there’s bad bushing or something.

Could your car have a bent wheel?

I appreciate your imput. A bent wheel is something that I have suspected for a long time but neither of the shops I have go to has confirmed that it is a bent wheel. How do I go about determining if it is a bent wheel?