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Serious noise from under the hood

Hello guys! Great show by the way. Ok, I have a 91’ Acura Legend (lots of miles 179K) and makes a sound of a sick lion/ steel hammer. When I turn it on, automatically it rev’s the RPM’s to 1.5-2000, and I will usually wait a few minutes before it reduces RPM. When I put it in any gear it will make a pound (like steel) from the hood. When in drive I have to slowly accelerate or the pop continues then follows with a sick almost grinding (like a Lion has a sore throat)sound. If I barely push on the accelerator it will drive slightly normal or (sometimes) slam on the gas. What do you think?

The first thing that I would check for is broken motor mounts.
This can be a safety issue, so I would suggest that you do this a.s.a.p.

you might have multiple problems. a broken motor mount could be one of them, as per VDCdriver. the other problem could be worn out CV joints. they are like ball joints at the ends of the front drive halfshaft. should have them checked!

I suspect motor mounts as well, and in addition to being a safety issue it can be a “fix it now or it will break more expensive stuff” issue.