SAAB born of jets

I have a 98 SAAB 900 4cyl non turbo. I recently swapped the ac & high beam relays and the car will not start. Sprayed brake cleaner into intake and the vehicle ran and died. Checked the fuel pump relay and there is power and working but no power is getting the fuel pump. Is there a reset button on the pump or did the factory alarm shut down power to the Fuel pump. Can you help?

“I recently swapped the ac & high beam relays”

Why the heck did you do that? You need to find an electrically competent technician to lay hands (and meters) on this developing nightmare. I’m doubtful you’ll get satisfaction over the internet.

You sprayed brake cleaner into the intake? Of course the vehicle died. Brake cleaner is not a substitute for gasoline.

I too have to ask why you swapped the relays. What was the malfunction that you were trying to solve?

How did you determine that there’s no power to the fuel pump? How do you know the relay is functioning? Even though the relay’s coil is receiving power, that does not mean the contacts are closing and even if they are it does not mean that they’re not toasted beyond being able to complete the circuit.

Is there anyone mechanically knowledgable that can help you work on this car?

There is a reset button on the inertia switch that shuts off the fuel pump in the event of a crash. Not sure where it’s located on this car, or why it would be tripped.

Brake cleaner in the air intake?

We all need to know our limits when it comes to mechanical work, but–based on what he/she has done to the car so far–I am wondering if the OP knows his/her limits. Speaking of jets, do you suppose that the OP is the mechanic who last worked on the Air France plane that recently went down in the ocean?

Sorry. That was a poor attempt at humor.

When strapped for cash people often suspend the practice of knowing their limits and try to do things they would not otherwise try.

Has Air France been strapped for cash?

Sorry, couldn’t resist a contribution to the poor humor charity. My heart mourns for the victims of that tragedy, as I’m sure all of ours do. May the Lord bless them and theirs.

That investigators of that crash are still pointing to pitot tube problems,is this just a diversion? It seems there are redundant systems to take care of pitot tube failures.

Didn’t the cars come before the planes,or at least the jets?

The earlier 900’s had a access port for the pump,I wonder if a 98 also does?

I haven’t read anything, but an iced up pitot tube would also need to be combined with a couple of very overworked pilots to manifest itself as a crash. The Automatic Flight Control System would respond to erroneous input, but there’s lots of signs that an awake pilot would see to indicate a problem. The Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), the Low Altitude Warning light and alarm,…lots of backup warnings.

And the pitot tube does not factor into the engine controls, so engiine operation would not be adversely affected.

There has to be more to the cause.

Hmmm…Maybe someone sprayed brake cleaner into the Pitot tube and screwed up the sensor.

Sorry for perpetuating an attempt in humor in a tragic situation!

I know your heart is in the right place. I thought of the same joke, but decided to “pass”

I was also tempted to pass this one by.
However, sometimes the Devil just doesn’t allow me to avoid inappropriate humor.

I am sorry if I offended anyone.

Well, the OP hasn’t come back, but I doubt it’s your fault, VDCdriver.

So many posts, so few follow-ups.

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