1992 mazda b2600 no power to start

PLEASE HELP!! I have a 1992 mazda b2600i, receintly lost all brakes. Changed the master cylindar, but now I have a majopr problem!! I have no power to start it. I have head lights, dome lights, horn, buzzer when key is in start position. nothing when try to start, no click, no trying to start nothing!! have changed the main relay, all feuses. broke down and contacted a mechanic and he is telling me that I have to have the 2 computers replaced… there is one under the kick panel on the pass side and one under the driver seat!! never had anything like this and am going crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you in advance for info!!

You need to find out what kind of voltage your battery actually has. Having a battery that can power lights and buzzers is a world away from one that can begin to crank a starter motor.

You need to remove, inspect, clean, and tightly reinstall your connections at the battery & probably at the starter as well.

If its an automatic transmission try to start it after putting it in neutral. If its a manual, check out the switch that is somewhere down at the clutch pedal.

Thank you cigroller, it is a manual, the volts are between 12-14 battery has been removed, cleaned, and terminal connectors were replaced, as were the starter connections, the switch at the pedal seems fine

“the volts are between 12-14”

There’s nothing that makes that a valid range. 12V is too low no matter what. At 12V a car battery is discharged. I know they’re called 12V batteries, but it has to be up to about a minimum of 12.4V Fully charged it will be about 12.8V. The difference between 12V and 12.8V is a lot. If its voltage while the car is running 12V is also too low as alternator output. It should remain in a range somewhere between 13-15V with car running. You should be able to measure at the alternator and battery and get about the same reading. So maybe you’ll want to specify what 12-14 means.

“the switch at the pedal seems fine”

I’m not sure what that means. You looked at it and it looked ok? If the switch is functioning mechanically it would be a good idea to use a multimeter to find out if it is working electrically. The switch will probably either complete a connection & send a 12V power supply out when the clutch if depressed - or it will have a constant 12V that is broken by the switch when the clutch pedal is depressed.

do you know of any where to find a wiring diagram for this

Try autozone’s website & its free online repair info.

tried says not available

There is a bundle of fusible links attached to the battery (+) post. Check them.