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1989 Mazda b2600i starting problem

My 1989 b2600i w/5 spd transmission and 225k miles started giving me grief last summer. I’d shut it off and when I tried to start it again I got nothing when I turned the key - no engine crank, no idiot lights, no heater fan, no radio. However, the headlights and emergency flashers all worked fine. After turning key on/off several times and/or waiting a few minutes everything went back to normal and it started just fine. Problem got progressively worse - ie. more frequent occurrences and longer waits to restart. Truck will not fire with push start when this occurs. Replaced battery cable ends and starter to no avail. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I put far too much faith in this truck’s undying loyalty - it is now sitting in the north woods of Minnesota 300 miles from home and 50 or so miles to any repair shops. Thanks.

It sounds like the ignition switch is toast, a fairly common problem on these trucks. I had to change one on the '89 B2200 I sold this summer, it started to exhibit the same symptoms just when the first guy stopped to look at it…

I’ll agree. You need one of these:,ignition%20switch/shopping/allResults.htm

Thanks - Guess that’s my next purchase if I want to haul stuff through the woods this year. That little truck runs through the mud better than anything else I’ve tried.


Thanks - the new ignition switch solved the problem. Not the easiest installation for a hefty old guy with fat fingers working out in the cold, but we’re back on the road (and in the ditches, etc.) Thanks again.