Is the whining sound the starter running but not engaged to the engine? That means the starter pinon that moves out to engage the flywheel is not working. That means you have to replace or rebuild the starter.

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New starters are available at for $90

Thanks for your response!
I’ve seen posts on other forums also talking about a faulty starter motor. I can’t understsnd how the car would have started fine then stalled a couple of times before not cranking at all if the starter motor was out? Are you aware if this a typical thing to happen?

Sometimes when battery is weak, it will not produce enough energy to turn the engine. Check battery first

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yes, check battery first. It should be about 12.6 volts when the car is off. When you try to start, measure the voltage at the starter, it should be above 10 volts (preferably above 10.5 volts).