1992 Dodge B350 Van Engine Swap



The time is approaching when I will need to rebuild/replace the engine I have in my 1992 van. Model is the B350 with the 5.9 liter engine. Fuel sysem is the Throttle Body Injected (TBI) type.

I just happen to have an extra 5.9L engine that came out of a 1993 B350 van Multi-Port Fuel Injected (MPFI).

So, in an effort to keep my van from languishing in the garage for too long, I am thinking of rebuilding the 1993 MPFI engine and then when done swapping it into the van.

My question is, will the 1993 engine be conmpatible with the 1992 van and its computer system? Especially given the different types of fuel injection?

Or would it be better/les risky to just bite the bullet and rebuild and and reinstall the same engine that is presently in the 1992 van?



What I would do is rebuild the 93 engine; use the intake and exhaust manifolds from the 92; and transfer all accessories, sensors, etc. from the 92 to the 93. Check with the mechanic or rebuilder to make sure that these two engines are compatible and that the 93 long block will accept everything from the 92 that is needed to make it run. Alternately, you could have the reuilder do the transfer of the fuel, ignition, and emmission components. It is going to be hard to make a MPRI engine system work in a TBI equiped van unless you change the computer and any sensors that computer needs.

Hope that helps