1992 chevy s-10 not running right


my 1992 chevy s-10 is running really bad it idles high ( like around 2000 rpm to 1000 rpm) it starts high then slows down. then when i drive it, it kinda stumbles i guess u can say it makes all kinds of noises and beats and bangs and if im going up a hill some times it shuts off. it has a manual trany and a stock 4.3 motor plz help i need the truck to get back and forth to work


Is the Check Engine Light on?


yes but only when i am driving it as soon as i shut the truck off to put the code reader on it it the light goes out and doesn’t come back on till im driving it again and i cant use the reader with the motor running


Go here http://www.extreme-check-engine-light-codes.com/GM%20OBD1%20Decoder.htm and it explains how to pull the codes from your OBDI GM vehicle.