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S10 running bad

my car started running bad on the way home from work today, my first thought is bad/water in gas because i filled up yesterday and hadn’t run it since(we got A LOT of rain sunday). About half way home(4/7 miles) it seemed to start loosing power/ accelerating slowly. I have had water in the tank before because the gasket around the in-tank fuel pump was out of place. Now the car will idle ok for a while the wants to shut off (10 min) and while driving today staled when trying to accelerate after a long stop light. It seems if i turn off and then restart the engine for a moment that the problem will go away for a moment. I went and had the codes run and came up with:

P0155 Oxygen sensor came up twice(i only have 1 oxygen sensor fuse which was fine)

P0452 Tank pressure sensor condition

P0300 Cylinder Misfire detected - random cylinders

The truck is a 2002 S10 crew cab with 4.3L v6 and 4x4

Is there anything i should look for that is DIY (i’m pretty handy) or should i take it somewhere?