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98 Chevy S-10 stalls on hills...sometimes

If I drive up a steep hill for a long time, my 98 Chevy S-10 will usually stall, the RPM just drop to zero. Sometimes everything will re-engage and I can keep going. Other times I have to restart the engine.

Originally this only happened when driving up long steep hills usually when it was hot outside. Later this began to occur on long drives, and now it happens regularly regardless of temperature, but usually after I’ve been driving for a while.

The check engine light comes on after the stall, but usually goes away pretty quickly and always within a day. Sometimes the ABS light comes on as well. I’ve tried taking it to a mechanic several times, but the symptoms are pretty hard to cause on demand.

Just a guess-On the long steep hills, the engine requires more fuel. Something in the fuel delivery system may be failing–perhaps the fuel pump?

I would go to an Auto parts store such as Auto Zone first. The staff can read your engine codes for free to see if the check engine light produced any codes? This would be my first step