1992 S10 dies while driving, won't start up again

Here’s a mystery problem I’m wondering if you all could help me solve.

Car basics:
1992 Chevrolet S10
4 cylinder
2.5 L

Have in the last 4 months replaced :
(1)fuel filter
(2)fuel pump
(2)spark plugs
(3)EGR Valve
(4) Vacuum lines (possible vacuum leak)

Problem: Car will turn off while driving, sometimes after a service engine light comes on. Usually at 40-65 mph, car will shut off with electricity still working. When I attempt to start the car afterward it will turn over, but will not catch. Have had to be towed twice, other times, we waiting we it out, came back later and it started up just fine.

Attempts to solve: Various points I’ve brought it into a AAA shop, and they were unable to figure it out without the check engine light on (pre-1996). I finally did get the codes read, and they were for the EGR Valve, and the MAP sensor. EGR replaced, test on MAP sensor showed no problems afterwards. codes were cleared.

Yesterday: Last night the car turned off randomly on me again, and had to get towed home, today it took a few tries, but then the car started up just fine. Took it to the shop, they reattached a loose wire from the spark plugs, and are asking me to replace the (1)wiring, (2) coils, and (3) rotor head but without the check engine light on this morning, they are not 100% sure where the problem exists.

Any and all suggestions or help would be appreciated. They really don’t want to keep asking me to throw them more money when it seems the problem is getting fixed. The car sometimes runs fine, but since I am going to be working pretty far from home, I need reliable transportation. Everything else is in great shape on my little pickup, but this has been racking my head for a bit. Thank you in advance!

The most common cause for your problem on that S-10 is a failing ignition module. It would be wise to replace the rotor, cap and wires along with the module and hope for the best. The entire distributor plus the cap, wires and rotor are likely less than $150.

I agree with rod knox. very good advice

I appreciate the advice Red Knox!