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2006 Saturn VUE and air conditioning not really working

As summer hit WI, I noticed that the a/c did not really work. At most it takes the humidity out of the cabin air and it does blow somewhat cooler air when the car is driving vs. idling. Our mechanic added freon and a dye to try and trace the problem. The added freon helped for about 2 weeks (but still not back to working like regular) and then it petered out. Any ideas as a family vacation is coming up soon to a rather warm state? Thank you!

Find a mechanic who knows how to fix AC systems. Not all can do it.

Now that the added refrigerant with dye has leaked out it should be fairly simple to find the leak. That’s what the dye is for.

Take it back to your mechanic. If he can’t fix it find a better mechanic. This isn’t rocket science.