2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport AC

I recently had the evaporator replaced, which led to the discovery of an intermittent AC problem. The AC will work for about 15 minutes then slowly starts to blow plain vent-like air. If I turn it off or to the vent setting for a few minutes, it will come back nice and cold for another short period. My mechanic replaced the relay for the compressor because it was getting extremely hot, but that has not solved the problem. I told him if he couldn’t figure it out, I’d have to call Tom & Ray! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Trent

I had a similar experience with a 71’ olds cutlass. They determined I had water in the system and it would freeze in the aluminum connectors. So they evacuated the system and recharged it. It worked like a charm.

This problem showed up after the evaporator replacement?If yes I feel its required to verify the charge weight is correct,is your mechanic willing to check pressures? And if indicated recover (most machines will tell you how much they recovered,evacuate,then recharge?)

Yes, it happened right after the replacement. I’ll have him check on the pressures and if there is water in the system. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll let you know what we find out.