1992 Plymouth voyager 3.0

My 1992 Plymouth voyager 3.0 won’t start at the first tried I believe is the fuel pressure but how will I fix the problem

Check your pressure with a gauge. Than move on to step #2

Turn your key on and wait 4-5 seconds before you try to start it. If it starts right away you have a fuel system problem, leaking injectoer or fuel lines or a weak fuel pump.

@oldtimer 11 baez13 did the key on according to their other thread and apparently it worked. I guess they want someone to confirm that fuel pump replacement is the next step. This is the problem when an OP has multiple threads about the same vehicle and the same problem.

I replace the fuel pump a month ago and the fuel filter also. What those OP means


OP = original poster

In other words . . . YOU :wink:

Oh thanks I forgot to say that one’s the van starts and I drive it doesn’t have much power when I accelerate

Is the check engine light on? Does it start and run now, but has no power? This is an old car. Restricted exhaust from a bad cat could be the problem. A backflow test would eliminate that. Also, have a compression and leakdown test done. You need to know if it’s worth putting money into. Spending on checking the engine’s condition will tell if it’s worth continuing down the path.

Another good place to ask for help is allpar.com They specialize in Chrysler products and have a discussion group devoted to the minivans and Pacifica. I have found good help there for my Plymouth and Chrysler minivans over the years. Best wishes.

Thanks I appreciate

A shop can do a fuel pressure leak down test. They’ll install a fuel pressure gauge and watch what it does when the engine is turned off. The fuel pressure should hold if everything’s working. If it slowly drops to zero, that will be the likely reason for your no-start, and they’ll know what to do next. Likely either a leak back into the tank via a check-valve or an injector is leaking into the intake manifold.