1991 Mercedes 190E


I have a 1991 mercedes 190E that recently doesn’t like start the day after it rain and sometimes will start but stall out when I drive it. I have no problems with it any other time and it does start while its raining. Anybody have any ideas what may be causng it.


When was the last time you replaced the distributor cap and wires?


Next time it is refusing to start at night or in the garage (lights off) open the hood and look for sparks. If you see them, it means you need to replace whatever is sparking, like plug wires.


Joe is correct of course, but I might add that you need to look for those sparks while having someone crank the engine. Perhaps you knew that, perhaps you didn’t.


And don’t do what I did once, grabbed the coil wire to see if it was loose (I couldn’t feel anything in my arm for hours). BTW, I was about 16 at the time.