Old mercedes

I bought a 1991 SEL 300 Mercedes for my 18 yr old daughter to drive. It has around 1900000 and I love driving it. (She does too, I’m happy to add.) And it ran really well until a month ago. Now when I start it, it runs well for ca. 3 minutes once I get going, but then it stalls out, and it won’t start again. It sounds as if the engine is not getting gas, or the gas is not getting a spark. I replaced the spark plug wires, at one mechanics suggestion, who said they were sparking and old. But this didn’t work. Another mechanic has told me that the car might need an ignition coil, but this could cost up to $2000 to install. Furthermore, ,the mechanic is not sure that this is the problem. The car is only worth ca $3000. I’d love to keep it. Does anyone know what is wrong with it? Or how it can be repaired for less money? Thanks!

Find a mechanic that isn’t guessing. He or she may cost a bit more, but will save you money in the long run. If you love the car and your daughter loves it, fix it. So what if it costs $2000 or more? You aren’t going to replace it with anything as nice for less, and any replacement could have a breakdown next week.

Take it to a good independent Mercedes shop. Spend a couple hundred to have them go over it and tell you what it will need and how soon and how much. Set some priority order to the list and have things fixed a few at a time. Obviously, get it running reliably first.

Just my opinion, but if you aren’t willing to spend the money to keep this car going then you ought to fix the running problem and sell it ASAP. Find a nice used Honda instead.