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1991 Honda CRX/Modified - Flooding

Hello, I have a built d16a6 turbo in my 1991 Honda crx. I have reached the stages of starting but can’t seem to get it running. I have an obd1 conversion with a hondata s300 v1 running a stock d16a6 basemap. The engine has spark. Compression. Air and fuel. My issue is the car floods with fuel every time I crank it. Haven’t even been able to make her pop. This has been the tenth try and still nothing. I drained the oil it was basically water. Fresh oil in and cylinders dry I unplugged the injectors and sprayed engine start down the intake. After this. The engine popped consistently through each cylinders but still wouldn’t start. I’m stuck and haven’t tried because I don’t want to ruin the oil and risk hydro lock. Please help :frowning: I am running 440cc injectors and s300 is running with a p28 Ecu

Hoo Boy! You are on the WRONG site for this discussion! You really need to find a site that caters to modified Hondas. There are some smart folks here but this i a really specialized question you’ve asked.

I will suggest that the timing for your ignition is not correct. The Hondata computer doesn’t seem to know when #1 cylinder is at top dead center. Leave the injectors disconnected until you can time it to run on starter fluid or you’ll risk blowing the intake manifold off the engine… or worse.

I can’t tell you HOW to properly time it as I have no knowledge or the inner workings of the Hondata ecu, just years of experience building hot rods and race cars.