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1991 Honda starting problem

My 1991 Honda will most often not start. Can sit over night and start fine the next morning. If I drive it to work and let it sit 8 hrs, will not start. Stater is not teh problem as it will crank over. Have replaced the fuel filter and twice replaced the fuel sensor under the dash on the left hand side. Getting worse over time and more often in hot weather than cold.

The fuel sensor that you changed…is that the main fuel relay? If it is then you need to get the fuel pumped pressure tested to see if it’s within range. Have you tested for spark?

Hell and thank you for the reply. I am reply for my husband so please forgive me if I don’t have the facts in line. I do believe he said it was the mail fuel relay. He does not have the manual for this car so can you advise what the fuel pump pressure should be? He did say that he does have spark. He’s about ready to have this poor thing towed away but feels it must be something simple he and the mechanics have over looked and drivin him and me insane!

Opps. Meant to type Hello, not Hell. :frowning:

When it is parked at work is it at a different angle (like parked up hill or down hill) vs at home?

which Honda are we talking about here, and which engine? The DPFI engines of that era would fail to start or start and then stall quickly if just one of the fuel injectors was bad.

It’s been 6 months. Probably fixed by now.