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1991 Geo Prizm

What other cars are compatable partwise with a 1991 Geo Prizm? I can’t find a door for my car, it has power doorlocks and windows.

While MANY mechanical parts on your Prizm are the same as the Toyota Corolla, unfortunately most body parts are not.

Take a look at to see if you can find a used door in your area. They are common cars at salvage yards. With luck, you may be able to find the same color. BTDT

The same body style was used for several years. Junk yards should be able to tell you compatibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corollas from the same year(s) match up well, since they are the same car.

Junk yards should also have a parts locator service.

I have been working with several wrecking yards for about a year to find the parts I need but they are in short supply where I live. Thanks for the advice though.

You remove the middleman by using Did you try it? You didn’t say which door you need, but there are dozens and dozens of electric doors listed across the country for '91 Prizms. If there are none where you live, there is always motor freight. I’ve bought transmissions and engines from 1000 miles away and paid as little as $50 to get them here. You may need to find a salvage yard that has a negotiated rate with a truck line, but they are out there. Failing that, gas prices are down. Take a road trip. See if the yard you choose will install their door on your car while you wait. It’s a 20 minute job if the posts aren’t bent. What are you waiting for?

MG is right. I, too, have had parts shipped long distances. Sometimes it’s the only way to get what you need.